Project Listen: Featherstone Brothers

Brothers Joseph, Zach and Ben share a common attribute: they’re all deaf. But their shared experience demonstrates a way to listen when no audible sound can be heard.

The film is part of It’s a short film series dedicated to the power of listening, created by Jake Featherstone and Matt Jensen for Ken Garff Automotive Group. (more…)


The Breach Excerpt – Removing Elwha River Dam
When fishing guide/filmmaker Mark Titus learned wild salmon populations plummeted in his native Pacific Northwest, he wanted to find out why. The result is a documentary called The Breach,...
Street Portraits: Ninth & Ninth
This week on the radio show we're exploring how fashion works. This is not about the expensive and outrageous, it's about how clothing reflects our identity and how style is constantly...
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“Leonard in Slow Motion”
I cheat every once and a while and post a film that is not a documentary… this one is not even close.  But it’s original and charming and I hope you like it.  Not much to say about it.  Roll... read more
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