Perfect Little Machines

In a Midvale strip mall – tucked between a BBQ joint and an insurance company – artist Jean-Michel Arrigona has created a sort of cabinet of natural curiosities.  Some people will be weirded out by the skeletons and carcasses he’s arranged into frames or tableaus at the store.  Others, like Jean-Michel himself, will be captivated and enchanted.   Go check it out – it’s called nātür (it looks fancy but it’s just pronounced ‘nature’) at 94 W 7720 S.


Celebrating the Forgotten Wives of Joseph Smith
Leslie Peterson is an artist based in Salt Lake City. Before the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints published an essay called Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo, she didn’t...
Street Portraits: Second & Second
As part of our street portraits series, VideoWest’s Josh Weathers took a crew to downtown Salt Lake - Second & Second to be exact. We asked people to describe their style and their...
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“Hearing Colors”
This short, from New York City filmmaker Greg Brunkalla is going to make you think differently about your perception of reality.  Neil Harbisson is an artist and a cyborg activist who is completely colorblind.  He had an antenna surgically implanted in his head that translates... read more
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