Street Portraits: Library Square

The VideoWest team headed to Library Square in Downtown Salt Lake City for the latest installment in our Street Portraits series. We heard some thoughtful advice from the stylish people there including this: give thought to what you love and invest in it. (more…)


The Journey of a Seamstress
Katty Mojica came to the United States from Peru in 1984. She didn’t speak English and had to figure out how to make a life here. Her skills as a seamstress provided the path. This...
Perfect Little Machines
In a Midvale strip mall – tucked between a BBQ joint and an insurance company – artist Jean-Michel Arrigona has created a sort of cabinet of natural curiosities.  Some people will be...
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“A Year of Ping-Pong”
NPR listeners know Will Shortz as the "puzzle master." He's featured weekly on Weekend Edition Sunday and is the New York Times crossword puzzle editor. But all that puzzling only engages part of his brain. Shortz is also a table tennis fanatic, and challenged himself to... read more
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