Gerda: Downhill From There

We’re continuing our series with Gerda Saunders. Gerda has progressive dementia, and she’s been letting us follow her along the way. Recently, we went with Gerda and her husband to the doctor for her latest evaluation, a series of memory tests. The results gave her a sense of urgency, and oddly, relief. As Gerda told us, “I’m really not making this up.”


Still Here
In the 1990s, when hundreds of patients were dying of AIDS right here in Utah, dancer Peter Christie beat the odds. Utah director Jenny Mackenzie and editor Scott Thornton created this...
Ties the Room Together
Josh Hanagarne is a writer and a librarian in Salt Lake City who’s written beautifully about his experiences with Tourette syndrome. We had him on RadioWest to talk about his 2013 book...
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“Stephen Fry Hates Dancing”
Not much to say about this film by Jo Roy, except that it’s someone dancing to Stephen Fry bitching about dancing. What’s not to absolutely... read more
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