Gerda: Dementia Field Notes

Gerda Saunders has a fabulous sense of style. She also has a progressive form of dementia, and lately she’s been asking herself whether all this effort she’s putting into her appearance will be worth it once she can no longer manage it herself.

She documents this and other experiences in what she calls her Field Notes on Dementia. This is the fourth film in our series with Gerda.


In 2010, Gerda Saunders learned that she has dementia. She was 61 years old at the time, and a professor at the University of Utah who was already recognizing symptoms in herself. This...
Spiral Jetty
A couple of years ago, the actor Julian Sands came to Utah to perform his one man show A Celebration of Harold Pinter. He asked us about Spiral Jetty, and if we might visit it with him....
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“The Power of Empathy”
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