Bundy’s Volunteer Army

About 20 years ago southern Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy stopped paying grazing fees for his cattle on federal land. It was an act of protest over what he saw as over-burdensome environmental regulation and he’s been fighting the feds ever since. Recently the dispute came to a head when the BLM attempted to confiscate Bundy’s cows and collect the money he owes them.

Hundreds of people traveled to the area to support the rancher. Some were armed and some were members of militia groups. BLM officials backed away from the standoff earlier this month, but some 50 people have stayed to support the Bundy family. Over the weekend, filmmaker Jennilyn Merten traveled to Bundy Ranch to find out who they were and why they’re there.

During filming, the Bundy family uncovered 4 buried cows. They say they have found more and allege there are still some 30 missing.

The BLM has said 6 cows died in the round-up, four of which were euthanized. [BLM confirms six Bundy cattle died in roundup, Las Vegas Review-Journal]


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