Danny C.

Meet Dan Christofferson – a Salt Lake-based artist, illustrator and designer.  This short is a profile created by his friend Brian Powell, a graphic designer with an interest in film. Powell is also based in Salt Lake City. For Danny C, it all comes back to ninja turtles… and naked ladies.



This short documentary by Salt Lake filmmaker Matt Black asks how technology influences art. It's about Utah poet Amanda Hurtado, who is a fan of poet and jazz musician Clark Coolidge. She...
FICTIONIST – Lock and Key (Official Video)
We just had the band Fictionist on RadioWest. They talked about the experience of being dropped from their record label and how it has helped them find a new identity as a band. This short...
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“Mike Edel’s The Closer”
I chose The Closer because… baseball.  The film was created by Jorge Canedo Estrado and Herique Barone - they bring singer/songwriter Mike Edel’s song ‘The Closer’ to life.  I love that it’s a story – about a pitcher in a small town – he’s pitching a perfect... read more
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