Harmony of the Parts

This short comes from Utah filmmaker Andy Bork.  It’s a profile of Georg Meiwes, a Master Violin Maker.  Georg worked on his craft for 20 years in Europe.  These days he’s practicing it in Salt Lake.  (more…)


Trisha & Lisa
This week we’re starting a series of Utah street portraits. We’re hoping to capture images from all over the state as a way of reminding ourselves just how many great faces there are in...
If You’re Gonna Wear the Uniform
Meet Utah filmmaker Dusty Hulet.  A few years ago he went to Mount Everest to do some work with a philanthropic group. On his final day at base camp he went to shoot the sunrise over the...
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“‘Am I Next?’”
This is the best thing I’ve seen on the turmoil in Ferguson.  It comes from documentary filmmakers Nicholas Weissman and Jeremy Levine. As darkness falls on Florissant Avenue, teenager Shane Flowers works his way through the crowds and tries to find a way to say something... read more
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